No Lab Coat Required


No Lab Coat Required is a celebration of our love of science. From little things we take for granted - medicines, refrigeration, GPS, sports statistics, and clean water - to the astonishing complexity of this planet and its creatures, science is everywhere and impacts everyone. As scientists and science enthusiasts, our insatiable curiosity, fierce dedication, and dogged persistence has helped guide us to incredible innovations and uncover great knowledge that has shaped every part of our daily lives.

Here, we believe that among our next great challenges and perhaps the most imperative is to unite science with our community. It will be our mission to accomplish this goal through creating outreach, education, and advocacy programs that will bring together all members of our community regardless of age, ethnicity, self-identification, disabilities, education level, or socioeconomic status with those of us in STEM careers.




Recent political events are beginning to inhibit the scientific process and scientists across America are deeply concerned about the impact this could have on public health, the environment, and even really cool technological and engineering innovations. We want our community to understand that there is no political agenda in the lab. Scientists uncover facts and disclose them to the public, and at times, new policy or laws are erected due to them. It is imperative to understand, however, that the scientific facts are not created to support new legislation. The facts scientists uncover through their research are published regardless of whether something goes against long-established principles or ways of doing things. Science doesn’t care – it’s the truth. Science is nonpartisan.

While this movement started with the showing of solidarity to support and safeguard the scientific community, it cannot end there. We recognize that it is time for us to come together as one community, take a stand, and start a new conversation. We can do so much more to unite science and our community because no matter your view on policy - Science Matters.