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Civic Engagement in STEM

March for Science NYC believes that everyone in STEM has a responsibility to engage with the politics around them, as well as a responsibility to promote equal access to those opportunities. It is through politics that we can shape the actions that will uplift our communities. It is through opening continual conversation between policy and research that we can make informed decisions for our democracy.


  • Voter registration drives have been held by our members at many university campuses and NYC parks in an effort to increase scientist participation in all elections. 

  • STEM the Vote panel discussions were held to inform viewers on how science is connected to policy and top voter concerns. Each panel consisted of a policy expert and an NYC based activist who work in the same field (average views: 100, highest views: 7.8k).

  • Science Debate questionnaires were crafted by our team and sent to the candidates for the 2020 Presidential election and the 2021 NYC election for mayor.

  • NYC Election Debates were organized by our team, along with other NYC based activists groups, to ask pressing science related questions to candidates for mayor (594 views) and the Bronx borough president (312 views)


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