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STEM Community Building

March for Science NYC recognizes that one of the most crucial aspects of being part of the advocacy space is to cultivate connections. Not only must we create connections with the activists and community leaders, but we must coalition within our own disciplines along one unified front. We in STEM -- from those in the field to those in academia -- all share struggles that we can give a voice to.


  • An interactive Science Expo channeled the energy of the 2019 flagship March for Science indoors, where local STEM and advocacy groups conducted experiments and engaged participants in the causes that propelled them to march.


  • STEM Happy Hours and virtual Fireside Chats were hosted by our team to gather the scientific community to discuss topics ranging from funding in science to racism in STEM and how to be sustainable in STEM and many other topics. (average participation:__ )


  • NSPN Conference presentation


Happy Hour at Caveat NYC 2018
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