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Science Communication to the Public

We believe that everyone in STEAM fields can be educators in their space. Science is simply a set of tools to promote discovery, and March for Science NYC believes that providing equal access to such tools is an important service to the community. By demystifying research and our fields, science and science advocates can begin to break down complicated issues that impact our communities.


  • We held our first Science Summit with City Hall in May 2022. Graduate students and post-docs presented at a poster fair and seminar about their sci-pol interests & research with our city council members and the general public.

  • Public Science Seminars were live streamed to our audience on social media in order to share the scientific research of graduate students and post-docs in NYC with the public (~500 views each).


  • Expert Panels were broadcasted live on topics concerning science and society: one on how science is impacted under facism (7.3 K views) and another on vaccine information and equity (5.8 K views).


  • Instagram Live sessions were used by our members and partnering organizations to communicate science to the public in an informal and accessible manner.


  • Twitch Livestreams were held in collaboration with Rupeethon to stream weekly science conversations and answer questions from viewers.


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Science Summit at City Hall 2022

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