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Youth Engagement with Science

All around the world, the youth have not only been paving the way for climate activism, but they also act as the future minds of our fields. March for Science NYC values its long-standing relationships with nationwide youth groups, whether it be through K-12 education or through coalition building. As STEAM practitioners and advocates, we aim to support our youth, as both mentors and champions of the incredible work they do.


  • 1Freedom for All: We met with 1Freedom student interns weekly to discuss food justice, hydroponic farming and urban farming techniques, outreach and communication strategies, with the ultimate goal of starting a community garden in collaboration with a school in the Bronx. We also often host livestreams with them to talk about current community issues, such as a cooking livestream while speaking on food justice.


  • National Science Camp for Youth: We hosted a workshop series on science policy, activism and advocacy. In this course we discussed the differences between these three avenues of engagement, contextualized the work being done in these spaces with the landscape of systemic racism/anti-racist work, and finally we worked together through three case studies 


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