Jill Dvornik

Co-Chair & Executive Director

Jill Dvornik is a Senior Associate Researcher working with stem cells to create disease models of neurological disorders here in New York City. She is also an active mentor with the Center for Excellence in Youth Education high school program.

Mutale Nkonde

Co-Chair & Executive Director

Mutale Nkonde is a Brooklyn based adult learning specialist, and CEO of Opps Management a boutique consulting firm. They coach K-12 educators across the globe in the use of coding, robotics and video gaming to increase student engagement in STEM fields. Mutale is also the K-12 Education Lead for Black Girls CODE, increasing engagement with New York City's K-12 educators, black girls and their families.


Mateo Rachansky


Mateo Rachansky is a technician with the support department at XChange telecom. Working with under-served populations since his collegiate years, he recognizes the urgent need for greater scientific literacy and advocacy. A lifelong New Yorker, he holds a BS in Psychology from Brooklyn College and lives in Brooklyn with his two children.

James Vanegas

Executive Director

As the executive director at MFS, James is tasked with managing design, social media, and marketing strategies. He is an experienced design consultant helping bring awareness and build brand equity for small businesses. As the founder and CEO of creative design agency, Aparance, he understands the fundamentals of driving curated content, clients, and results.