Thanks to our amazing community for patiently waiting as we have worked to create a safe, comfortable, and fun march for all science enthusiasts!! In the name of Science, here we go:

Our march will kick off with a rally on Central Park West at 62nd St at 10:30 am. The rally is expected to last one hour. Once the rally is over, it will be time for all New Yorkers to proudly march together showing their love and support for science!

March Route

Our route will encompass Central Park West from 72nd St, proceed to Broadway via Columbus Circle, and finish at 52nd St & Broadway. We have been working closely with NYPD to choose a route length that will allow everyone to have enough space, based on how many registered marchers we have. If you haven’t registered, please do so here so we will be able to expand our route if needed, before April 22.

Entry & Exit Points

All marchers will need to enter Central Park West from the west side. You will not be able to enter from Central Park. Once you are on CPW, if you would like to leave the march and go into Central Park, you will be able to. You just aren’t able to (re)enter coming from the park.
Not all side streets will give marchers access to Central Park West, so please enter from Columbus Ave or Broadway via 64th, 68th, and 72nd streets. As our crowds grow in size, the NYPD will begin to close off southern entrances, beginning with 61st St, and will continue to close them moving north as needed. We will have volunteers out on Broadway to help you know where to go.


NYC is known for its many great mass transit options. We encourage all our marchers to think green and take public transit to the march. You will not only be helping the Earth, but it will prevent frustrating car traffic backups.
We are unable to provide dedicated chartered bus parking; please advise your bus driver to drop off on Broadway near one of the entrance cross streets. Don’t forget to arrange a place to be picked up afterwards!

Accessibility at the Rally

For our Science Enthusiasts who may require special assistance to attend the rally we have been able to arrange some accommodations. There will be an ASL interpreter on the stage who will sign for the hearing impaired. Marchers who have physical disabilities may enter the rally through 61st ST and Broadway. We soon will have a map to illustrating all the nearby accessible subway stations. If you have any further concerns, please email us

Route Map