Science is not done in isolation. It is an extraordinarily collaborative process. Collaboration between institutions, disciplines, and nations is vital to scientific progress. Any policy that restricts our ability to exchange information with international colleagues is an immense barrier to accumulating knowledge and sparking innovation. Similarly, we invite scientists, educators, and advocates, as well as social service workers, artists, trade workers, business people, our elderly population, and families to come together for science. By working collaboratively, we build a body of knowledge, through systematic study and application of observation and experimentation to tackle the many challenges that affect our increasingly complex interrelated world.


Just as diversity in our community enhances creativity, a diverse group of scientists broadens, strengthens, and enriches scientific inquiry, and consequently, our understanding of the world. We are committed to highlighting diversity in science and in our community. The March for Science NYC is dedicated to amplifying the voices of and acting in allyship with people of all identities. We work toward making the pursuit of science accessible to everyone, encouraging individuals regardless of age, ethnicity, self-identification, disability, education level, or socioeconomic status to engage in science.