We want to create programs will focus on bringing together any and all members of our community regardless of age, ethnicity, self-identification, disabilities, education level or socioeconomic status with those in STEM careers. We also want to develop a platform built out of trust and an ever-strengthening relationship, that our community knows it can turn to for answers and clarification to their scientific questions that will have no hidden political agenda or policy sway. Some of our ideas that we think best exemplify this are Ask Science, Hang with Science, & Science in Schools.

Ask Science

Ask Science will be a web based platform where anyone will be able to ask questions to related to anything in science or the scientific process, and get clear and concise answers. We will encourage people to submit questions in the language they are most comfortable using, and have translators to help our team of scientists be able to communicate to anyone. Here are some examples of the broad range of questions that we will encourage:

Can an elephant jump? What happens when scientists don’t agree about the result of an experiment? Do vaccines cause autism?

We will only answer questions with supported facts and will not use this as a platform for telling the public what to do. We know not every question will have a concrete answer, and we feel those are also important for teaching the community to understand the differences between facts, evidence based theory, and misinformation. We want to inform and educate our community with so they feel confident in making their own decisions regarding any lifestyle choices or policies that may surround these topics. We believe this is the best way to build a long lasting, trusting relationship between science and the community.

Hang with Science

Ever wonder what the inside of a research lab looks like? Want to be able to see first-hand some of the equipment scientists use to gather their data? Ever just want to have a conversation with a scientist? Hang with Science will give anyone in our community the chance to personally connect with science.

We will be partnering with labs in both the academic and private sector as well as with businesses with job fields that use science and mathematics - coding and data mining in the financial industry, statistics in sports, science writing, etc. - to give members of our community a personal experience with science.

Science in Schools

Teachers have one of the toughest and most important jobs in our country – helping the nation’s youth learn and develop skills they will one day use to continue to strengthen our country. We want to do our part to help out and are currently developing relationships with schools across the city to create programs that bring scientists out of their labs and into the schools.

Would you like to get involved? If you are a scientist or professional in the STEM field please contact Jill Dvornik at Jill@marchforscience.nyc

If you are an educator, principal, or part of the Dept of Education please contact Mutale Nkonde at Mutale@marchforscience.nyc